• Pour

    Pour the pearls into asuitable container. 

  • Insert & Light the Wick

    Insert the wick and light it like normal candle.

  • Refresh

    Replace the wick for a brandnwe candle.

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The Economical Choice

A 55 lbs bag of Lova Candle Pearls costs just $299.99 and provides over 2,220 hours of burn time - 555 days of 1 candle burning 4 hours a day.

Candle Pearls are much less expensive to use than wax candles and will not damage furniture and linens.

No mess - No stress!

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Candle Pearls™ Free Sample Pearled Wax + Sand Wax 3.5 OZ (100g)

Candle Pearls last forever

Economical - Invest in Candle Pearls once, and they'll serve you event after event, saving you money in the long run. Get a new candle every time with easy refresh.

Clean - Candle Pearls won't stick to containers, ensuring hassle-free cleaning and preserving your nails.

Long-burning - Enjoy an extended 24-hour burn time without any soot or mid-event disappointments.

Beautiful - Turn almost anything into a unique candle with our refillable Candle Pearls and use any type of container.

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Lova Candle Pearls are perfect for your weddings & events.

Most designers have a love-hate relationship with candles because of the messy candle wax cleanups between events. Refillable pearled candles can be refreshed to look brand new in seconds so you could spend less time cleaning candle containers and more time making your design visions come to life!

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    I am beyond pleased with the quick delivery and service provided. I will be purchasing more in the future

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    The quality and look and ease of the candle pearls are top notch! I’ve tested several kinds and none can compare to these. I’ll be ordering more and switching over to the pearls. No more mess, soot, cleaning, etc. very pleased! Customer service is great too!

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    I am always last minute and I receive such excellent customer service from my purchase. Shipped out as promised and very fast response to my questions. The candles were amazing love love love! Thank you.

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