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Candle Pearls

LOVA Candle Pearls™ Pearled Wax 1 lb (454g) - Candle Powder Sand Wax Candle Sand Candles Granulated Natural Plant Wax Self Melting Wedding +10 wicks

LOVA Candle Pearls™ Pearled Wax 1 lb (454g) - Candle Powder Sand Wax Candle Sand Candles Granulated Natural Plant Wax Self Melting Wedding +10 wicks

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Pearled Wax- 16 oz

Wicks 2.5" - 10 pcs

Zip Bag - 1 pc

  • Luxury and aesthetic - pearly white wax and minimalistic cylinders 
  • Reusable – new candle every time
  • 100% plant based, eco-friendly and petroleum free
  • Healthy alternative to paraffin and soy wax, hypoallergenic
  • Customizable - add your favorite fragrance
    • Premium Quality
    • Fast & Free Shipping
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
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    How are Candle Pearls different from paraffin wax candles?

    1. Candle Pearls is a clean, elegant and safe candlelight. Customize your candle by choosing a vessel and a fragrance that you can change every time you like!
    2. Candle Pearls burn clean - do not drip, soot or smell
    3. They will self extinguish on tipping 
    4. Your guests will be WOWed by this unusual but timeless candles
    5. Purchase or rent our candles for the weekend or longer
    6. Choose natural and healthy and join the world candle trend with Candle Pearls!

    Obvious benefits:

    1. Bulk candles in granules do not flow at all when used correctly.
    2. They are 100% eco-friendly and plant-based.
    3. They are not limited in size.
    4. They burn almost completely.
    5. They are 2-3 times more profitable than paraffin analogues.
    6. The cost of 1 day of burning (8 hours) is from $1!

    Disadvantages of conventional paraffin candles:

    1. Paraffin candles flow and stain furniture, textiles, and candlesticks.
    2. They smoke and make the atmosphere heavier.
    3. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum products.
    4. On average, 30% of the candle is thrown away as stub.
    5. Paraffin candles are limited in size.
    6. The cost of 1 day of burning (8 hours) is from $9

    Talk about Candle Pearls

    Candle Pearls is the only A-grade pearled wax supplier in the USA
    Our wax is directly from a manufacturer. Pearly white large granules with no chemical smell that leave no dust or residue on the vases.

    Other waxes that we sampled have one or more quality issues: dust- like, stick to the glass (excessive cleaning - waste of time and money) , lumps and burns very weak poor customer experience). Yellowish or gray color, providing a much lower aesthetic. Mixed with paraffin - chemical smell, excessive smoke, extra fast burning and large wax pools (a lot of wax goes to waste)

    Our wicks are specially created to have a nice medium / high fire, yet burn slow without wasting the wax

    Customer Reviews

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    Vicki Walker
    Fabulous product and service

    The quality and look and ease of the candle pearls are top notch! I’ve tested several kinds and none can compare to these. I’ll be ordering more and switching over to the pearls. No more mess, soot, cleaning, etc. very pleased! Customer service is great too!