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Air Duster

Candle blower - blow out your candles safely, quickly and professionally. Save your breath and keep the candles clean.
This compressed air duster the perfect choice for candle maker and florist!

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Black Nitrile Gloves

Always use gloves when handling the candles, thus saving yourself hours in cleaning those ugly fingerprints from glass. I love thick latex gloves as they do not slip

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Mac Sports

Extra Long Wagon

Lightweight and perfect for transporting the candles around any venue safely. Fits much more than the standard size wheeler.

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Small Thermal Printer

Label Printer - is a helpful tool for the your storage. Label the boxes, shelves to keep your candles organized.

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LED Tea Lights Canadles

Flameless tea lights - use in place of the cotton wick during strong wind or at the venues that do not allow real fire.

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Windex - great for removing fingerprints and dust from the vessels.

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