How To Make Pearled Candles?

How To Make Pearled Candles?

If you’re hosting a holiday party or just want to add a little extra magic to your dinner, Candle Pearlsmight just be the perfect way to add luxury and glow to the ambience. 

Did you know that Pearled Candles can be easily made at home? 

To help you in creating Pearled Candle at your convenience, this blog by Candle Pearls™ should be your one-stop destination.

A step-by-step guide by Candle Pearls™ on how to make Pearled Candle.

Trust us when we say that it is a super easy process. Here’s what you need to do. 

Collect all necessary materials 

To make Pearled Candle, you'll need the following:

  • Candle Pearls™ Pearled or Sand Wax
  • Container 
  • Wick 
Pour the Candle Pearls™ Pearled Wax into a container of your choice:

Our Pearled wax is a 100% natural plant based wax, that is completely free from soy or paraffin, so you need not worry about toxic smoke or soot. All you need to do is pour the pearled candle into any fireproof container, just make sure they are large enough (ideally 4” and wider) to keep the melt pool away from the edge of the container. 

Insert the wick with about 1/4th tip above the surface: 

It should be just enough to light the wick. If you leave it more than that, your candle will burn more rapidly. Also, make sure that you put 2x more pearls around the wick so that the melt pool doesn’t reach the edge of the container. In case you’re using a pretty large container that can accommodate more than 1 wick, make sure you put each wick at atleast at a distance of 1 inch. 

Light it up 

That’s it, you’ve made yourself the perfect Pearled Candle. Now light it up and enjoy! Also, our candle wick offers up to 12 hours of burn time, after that you can change the container or relight the same wick. Or you can also flip along with the sand wax pancake and ignite the fresh end. But this will result in a shorter burning time. 

Make a unique floating candle

You can add flowers or stones in the container of your choice. Now, fill it with water leaving the top quarter of the container. Layer the top with 4 of Candle Pearls granulated wax, and VOILA there you have it a beautiful floating candle. It should  last you about 4-5 hours based on how thick your layer of Candle Pearls™is.

Why choose Candle Pearls™ to buy Pearled Candle ? 

At Candle Pearls we sell pearled candle wax that is eco friendly, minimalistic and clean. When you buy from us there is no need to worry about dripping, hot wax or cleaning up. Our candles burn entirely and leave no waste behind. What more? We also offer rental service at Lova CandlesⓇ from where you can rent the beautiful Pearled Candle for any big or small occasion. 

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Making Pearled Candles is no doubt a fun, simple and rewarding task that allows you to be creative. By following this step-by-step guide on how to make Pearled Candle, you can surely create these beautiful pieces for yourself. And for a truly exceptional and elegant experience shop Lova CandlesⓇ' collection of Pearled Wax here-


  • What are Lova Pearled Candles made of? 

Pearled candle wax that we have is created from 100% natural plant-based wax, that is free from soy or paraffin. These pearls are formed by spray applying hot wax, which then cools into small, round granules. With a high melting temperature, our pearls burn slowly providing a mesmerizing experience. 

  • How long do Pearled Candles last? 

The duration of our candle's wick burn time can vary depending on factors such as the type of wick and temperature of the room. Our wicks are pre-cut to provide approximately 12 hours of burn time, but hotter conditions may lead to shorter duration. 

  • How do you scent pearled wax? 

You can enhance the experience of using Candle Pearls™ by adding a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. However, make sure to not add the oil directly onto the wick. 

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